Do you need an energy audit? We can provide the solution with our comprehensive range of energy audits enabling you to tailor our services to your individual needs. Our clients are diverse but all share a common theme, they want to reduce energy consumption and reduce costs, which is where we help.

Our detailed audits will enable you to implement energy, money and carbon saving initiatives and we will also independently advise if future investment is required.

We offer consultation services for:

  1. Energy Conservation/Efficiency
  2. Heat Loss
  3. Monitoring/Measuring
  4. Renewable Technology Comparisons


Real Estate

With a wealth of experience in commercial real estate investment, Moad Capital is focused on maximising returns from real estate assets, whether for a prospective purchaser or an existing owner. We provide the following consultancy services aimed primarily at the commercial real estate market.

Investment and Development Consultancy & Transactional Implementation:
Our strategic industry partnerships and wealth of experience allow us to provide leading edge advice for all real-estate activities from conception to fruition.

Strategic Asset Management:
Our strong investment and development advisory background, provides us with a genuine understanding of what drives and maintains value. This allows us to guide you through the generation and implemention of a property strategy to optimise the performance of individual assets and portfolios. We advise on all aspects of asset management, introducing and managing specialist and best in class consultants where appropriate.

Equity Sourcing and Co-Investment:
Moad Capital seeks to partner investors, where possible, in order to create genuine alignment of advisory interests. We advise on the structuring of equity sourcing which can be tailored to each individual case.